Epilepsy Association of Utah

Professional Advisory Board

The Mission of the Professional Advisory Board is to guide the Association in improving its relationship with the community and stay dedicated to our Mission. The Board provides feedback and direction on our ability to achieve our goals of helping individuals living with Epilepsy live full and rewarding lives. Board Members serve a two year term and meet twice a year. If you would like to nominate someone to serve on the Board, please contact info@epilepsyut.org, (801)566-5949 or use our online nomination form.

Board Members

Awais Riaz, M.D. Co-Chair
Cheryl Sitton
Denise Morita, M.D.
Francis Filloux, M.D.
Glenn Maughan
Helen Barkan, M.D.
Jennifer May
Kim Orton
Kimberly Wong, Secretary
Laura Warburton
Marin Bywater
Melissa Worthen
Steve Iribarren
Weston Spencer, M.D.