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Register for Camp Neuro Revolution

Neuro Revolution (previously known as Camp Spike and Wave) is a camp
for youth with Epilepsy (seizure disorders).
 Camp will be held from Wednesday, July 18th to Saturday, July 21st.
is located in Park City, Utah, at the National Ability Center.
Please fill out the form below to the best of
your ability to ensure a spot at Camp for your child – a time stamp* is
included upon your submission and beds are limited!
submission will be outputted to a spreadsheet that is directly
associated with this Google Form.
Please note
that the EAU will not distribute or sell any of your information that
you submit.
If you would prefer to mail in the basic
application (similar to the questions below) have any questions or
concerns please contact Holly E. Ferrin
  • via
    text/voice: (801) 931-9629
  • via email:
This year’s registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis so save
your child’s spot and apply now!  Additionally,
please note that there will be other paperwork you will need to fill out
prior to the first day of Camp, which includes release forms, medical
forms, as well as information forms for the National Ability Center. 

Additional Note:
Please email Holly for more information on how you can help Camp Neruo Revolution be a success.

  • holly@epilepsyut.org

Camp Neuro Revolution 2012 – Preview: The Cargo Net

Get ready for a Camp for youth with Epilepsy that has been Revolutionized!

The Epilepsy Association of Utah (EAU) presents a preview of one of the high ropes course elements you can expect to participate on when you come to Camp Neuro Revolution (formerly known as Camp Spike and Wave).

Camp Neuro Revolution is a 4 day, 3 night summer camp for the youth of Utah ages 10-18 who have Epilepsy or seizure disorders. It is located in spacious and glorious Park City, Utah, at the National Ability Center

To get more details about Camp, such as cost, paperwork, as well as other concerns, please contact our Camp Director, Holly E. Ferrin

  • Phone: (801) 931-9629
  • Email: holly@epilepsyut.org

Click here to see videos, pictures, and blog posts about our previous year of camp.

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Winter Rewind

It has been an exciting few months since our last post, all of the events we have held have been successful thus far.  So, lets rewind.

Fall, 2011

UEA was definitely a success, we were able to speak with many educators about Epilepsy Awareness and we invited them to join our interest lists as well as sign up for a free Seizure Smart Presentation.  As teachers and students continue to receive instruction from the presentations, they will have gained a knowledge of how to deal with seizures in the classroom.  That comes with the ability to discourage oppressive and stigmatizing actions as well as comments made by classmates, which allows students to become “Seizure Smart” as well!  Another thing that teachers are equipped with when they learn more about Epilepsy and seizures is the ability to give rescue medication, as directed, for long-lasting seizures.  Lastly, as all people gain from the presentations, they will have gained an awareness for Epilepsy and seizures, connections to activities, events and conferences the Epilepsy Association of Utah hosts, such as Whispers in the Park

Bounty-Hunters and little Luke Skywalker!

Whispers in the Park was our first Halloween carnival this year.  It was simply amazing how much fun everyone had.  Costumes were worn, games were played, costume contests were strutted through, prizes were won, vendors offered their items for sale, and the food was scrumptious.  A pair of Star Wars bounty-hunters even made an appearance.  A good time was had by all!  What was so awesome was that it was a festival where people with Epilepsy and seizures could come and be in a safe place to enjoy each others company.  Free from any sorts of stigma or oppression, people are were very understanding.  Through those gentle whispers, the Epilepsy Association of Utah took the superstition and mysticism out of living with Epilepsy and put those thing where they belonged: Halloween.

Kimmie at Artilepsy

 November brought a busy month for the EAU, the month of awareness began with our second annual Artilepsy art gallary.  Artilepsy is a art gallary dedicated to all types of artists who are affected by Epilepsy or have loved ones who are affected by Epilepsy.  We had a fair few people enter their artwork for Artilepsy.  We had photography, paintings, drawings, quilts, and even faberge eggs!  One of the artists, Kimmie (age 13), submitted a beautiful photo of the “Up” house and won first place in the teen photography category.  Well done!

Jenn, Jeremy, & Kris after Jeremy’s comedic performance

The next day, our second annual Gala was held, this time it was at Noah’s event center.  Several persons very close to persons affected by Epilepsy or affected by Epilepsy themselves spoke at the Gala, including, Dr. Afrah (a U of U Epileptologist), Glenn Fenster (Destinymaker), Mayor JoAnn B. Seghini of Midvale, the parents of Lynsay Lynch (of Laps for Lynsay), Jeremy Anderson (see right) and his comedic performance, Ryan Barnes, and two collegiate scholarship recipients as well as many others who were recognized for their service and support of the Epilepsy Association of Utah.  It was a great night to review what the EAU has been doing and it was encouraging to see how the potential for the Association is growing, as are our programs.  Thanks to the funding raised from the Gala as well as a few grants that have been awarded, the EAU is looking to start a Transportation Assistance program and Prescription Medication Assistance program.  There is even more that is being developed now, but you will just have to keep an eye out for more news!

And the morning after Gala was held, we headed up to the Univerisy of Utah’s Neuroscience building for our Seizure Smart Education Conference.  Speakers included Glenn Fenster, Dr. Afrah, an AEEG specialist, Holly E. Ferrin, as well as a specialist of natural oils and their benefits with seizures and Epilepsy.  

We’ve got a spring that is buzzing with
activities and events, including Purple Day, Caroline’s Spine Concert, Crop Because You Care, and our NEW Camp Neuro Reveolution!  Be on the lookout for our next update (coming soon!).  I
am sure that it will be easy to “Spring Forward” in 2012 with the Epilepsy Association of Utah!

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live updates!  

Thanks everyone, for your continued support!

Camp Video!

Yes, here it is, the video for Camp Spike and Wave 2011.  If you were there, comment with your favorite moment.   And if you weren’t there, comment with some things that look exciting.  Can’t wait to see you next year! 

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Coming Soon!  The Camp Spike and Wave book from 2011

contact Holly for any questions about Camp, photos, video, book, or registration! 

Thanks for your support!

Camp Spike & Wave – Day 3

Another great day! (and a later night!)
The high ropes course is definitely a camp highlight!
Horse riding is wonderful.  Can we get ponies when we come home?
Smores – a great way to end a fun day!

Climbing the cargo net

What a great view!

Gimme 5!

Working together

Keep your balance!

New recruits?

More balancing acts


Hey cowby!

Camp Spike & Wave – Day 2

Ah, the fun has begun!

We started out our day in a great way – climbing the rock wall.  The kids are quite the squirrels – many made it all the way to the top to ding the bell – 32 feet up!  Cycling was on the schedule as well today.  No, we didn’t just ride regular old two-wheel bikes.  We got to try out adaptive bikes – so cool!  Crafts, you bet!  We made bottle cap necklaces, I-Spy bottles, and tie-dyed t-shirts.  The Lynch family came up to volunteer for the day.  We played a great game of Sardines with them and had fun with them at the pool.  Their fundraiser, Laps for Lyndsay, helped with camp tuition this year.  Thanks, Lynches!  We ended the day at the Kamas Rec Center pool.  Do we have to get out???

Biking – the good life!

Tie-dying – not as messy as you’d think!

What a great way to cool off!
Waiting our turns and planning out our routes to the top!

Blindfolded?  Piece of cake!

Easy does it!

The Lynch Family
The gang’s all here!

Camp Spike & Wave – Day 1

Well, we’re here!  We got a taste of the fun we’re going to have – and now we’re ready to have fun tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday!
Dinner from Madeline’s was great – thanks!
Flight of the Navigator” was the feature of movie night – check it out!

Checking out the campus.  Look at that ropes course we’ll be on by the end of the week!

Visiting with the horses.

Telling stories.

More story telling.

Camp Spike and Wave

Camp Spike and Wave registration is open now!!! Camp is available for any teen with epilepsy between the age of 10 – 18. We will be holding camp on July 26 – 30 at the National Ability Center in Park City. We are also looking for nurse volunteers. If you are interested in having your teen attend or volunteering for Camp Spike and Wave please e-mail Kris at kris@epilepsyut.org. We look forward to working with you!