Epilepsy Association of Utah

Nicole Young

Executive Director

Nicole and her husband Devin live in Lehi, Utah with their children Keigen, (7), and Zoie, (3). Nicole is an Office Manager for Jazz’n Place Dance Studio , Marketing/Account Manager for Distinctive Engraving and Accounts Receivable for Sweeney Wilkins and Associates CPA firm. She began her bookkeeping and accounting career working for her CPA Father when she was 13 years old. She branched out to individual booking when she was 16 as a self-educated accounting genius.

Once her husband graduated, they moved back to Utah and she became a full-time bookkeeper for 4 years until her youngest child was born. At that time, Nicole put her career into part-time work to focus more on her young family.

Nicole’s interest in Non-Profit health organizations stems from an early age when her younger brother was born with a rare condition (Menkes Kinky Hair down syndrome). This syndrome presents with seizures and eventually took his life at 8 1/2 months. She met Jennifer May who introduced her to the Association. Nicole enjoys her work with the epilepsy community and revels in the education and awareness surrounding it. With great passion and a natural at making people feel accepted, Nicole is an excellent fit with the Epilepsy Association of Utah and has been integral to the strength the group has gained in recent months.