Epilepsy Association of Utah

Candi Huff


Candi Huff and her husband Jason live in Draper, Utah with their daughter Madison, 16, and near their adult son Austin, 21. Candi is a 22 year veteran of the mortgage lending industry and works as an Underwriter for Academy Mortgage from her home based office. Candi’s professional experience also includes outside sales, marketing and training and she is a proficient public speaker. Jason is a Civil Designer for South Jordan City.

Madison had her first convulsive seizure just before she turned 11. An EEG was done following that seizure, but due to miscommunication, the abnormal results were not communicated to her doctor or the family and Madison did not get the help she needed. 6 months later, Madison had a violent tonic/clonic and was taken by ambulance to Primary Children’s Hospital. It was then that the family learned of the EEG results and found that a personality quirk that had been present since the age of 3 was actually a type of seizure. After the second tonic/clonic seizure, it seemed impossible to stop them. Madison was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy after two years, two neurologists and an epileptologist. Medication after medication failed and the side effects were unacceptable. Unable to stop the constant seizures, Candi reached out for help and found the Epilepsy Association of Utah. Madison attended Camp Neuro Revolution that summer and the entire family, for the first time in years, finally felt like they weren’t alone. Almost immediately, Candi got involved online, supporting the efforts of the EAU and Hope 4 Children With Epilepsy, spreading information and interacting with other parents who shared similar struggles. Her passion became raising awareness, promoting education and ensuring that people with epilepsy are able to live a full and active life, to the extent that they are able, free from the stigma of epilepsy. Candi was asked to join the board in 2014 and currently serves as the AVP of Marketing.