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Purple Day Utah 2012: Reviewed

Family, Friends, Epilepsy Warriors

 Purple Day Utah was, in a word, amazing.  We must first thank everyone who helped set things up, participate and attend, as well take down.  The Epilepsy Association of Utah would not be the way it is today without YOU! 

The Salt Lake Tribune features Brittany M. and others sending off balloons for Epilepsy Awareness in Utah

Did you know that a photo of the Launch made it to the front page of the Utah section of the Tribune?  So exciting!  Thanks goes out to our new board members, Angela and Greg Green for sharing it with them.  We are also grateful that the weather was fairly cooperative.  It might have been a bit disastrous to launch those balloons in blistery, windy, wet weather!

Lift Off!

It was a special moment when we witnessed those balloons raise up into the sky.  It was seemingly symbolic – the way that we let go of them and watched them go higher and higher into the atmosphere – almost as if we let go of any problems that may have been weighing us down at that time.  It was a time to reflect and remember, a time to renew how we will continue to wear purple proudly.  By so doing, we can promote awareness, and education of what Epilepsy is and how to cope with it.

Caroline’s Spine Performs!

Soon afterward, the event of the evening began to unfold.  Jeremy Anderson started off the night with his comedic talents, which then wittingly led to Caroline’s Spine performance.  They are an awesome group to listen to, as well as observe.  They put passion behind what they play and the audience could feel it.  During the second half of their performance, lead singer, Jimmy Newquist invited the kids up on stage.  They loved it.  We saw them jamming out to Spine’s music, following the beat of the drums and fast guitar strums.  While hearing their top song, “Sullivan,” live gave us all chills, another moment to remember was when the band had everyone sing “Over the Rainbow.”  It turns out that Newquist and Caroline’s Spine will be returning soon to Utah.

Jimmy Newquist plays “Over the Rainbow” while the kids and audience sings along.

We are so very excited at the prospect of seeing them, hearing their music, and feeling their energy.  Thanks so much for coming to help with purple day, Caroline’s Spine!        

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