Epilepsy Association of Utah

Seizure Smart

Get Seizure Smart! Community Education

As part of the Get Seizure Smart! Program, the EAU provides trained speakers for community presentations to educate the public and help them understand more about epilepsy and its effects. These speakers, also known as “mentors”, are directly or indirectly affected by epilepsy. Through education and awareness, the EAU aims to achieve its Mission of mentoring acceptance and understanding in the community. This service is provided at no cost.

To schedule a Get Seizure Smart! Training use the calendar link provided or send an email request to seizuresmart@epilepsyut.org

Get Seizure Smart! Online Video

Annual Get Seizure Smart! Education Conference

Since 2006, the EAU has teamed up with the University of Utah and Intermountain Medical Center, to present an educational conference tailored for all people living with epilepsy. Whether they are newly diagnosed with epilepsy or have been living with it for decades, this Conference is designed to help people with epilepsy and their loved ones become better acquainted with the latest diagnostic tools, pharmacology treatments and surgical updates. For more information or to become a sponsor please email: conference@epilepsyut.org