Epilepsy Association of Utah

Resources and Links

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National Library of Medicine
Great Information and Links

Johns Hopkins—The Epilepsy Center

Brain Injury Alliance of Utah 
The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah provides Hope, Help and Healing through Education, Facilitation and Advocacy.

Epilepsy Ontario
Information on seizure types

Extensive information and articles on epilepsy and other medical problems.

The National Ability Center
The National Ability Center is committed to the development of lifetime skills for people of all ages and abilities by providing affordable outdoor sports and recreational experiences in a nurturing environment.

Epilepsy Foundation of America

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation
Our mission is to educate the public not to fear Epilepsy or Brain Trauma, including their various manifestations and their impact upon human interaction.

National Institutes of Health Epilepsy Information Page
A list of information and more links to related organizations.

CDC Epilepsy Program

A website designed to assist patients with epilepsy in managing medication schedules, doctor’s appointments, and tracking seizures. You can print customized reports to take to doctor’s visits.  The report allows you to enter a description of the seizure, duration, type, your mood and possible triggers.  This site looks really helpful and interactive.  The best part – it’s FREE!

Cerebral Palsy Ataxia Information Site
Learn more about Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral Ataxia, diagnosis, treatments and legal options.