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One comment on “Even as stigma abates, epilepsy lags in research and funding – The Boston Globe

  1. My son had his first, completely unexpected, seizure at the tender age of 3. My first thought was: I am watching my son die and there is nothing I can do but wait it out. Since then he has had over 2000 seizures of varying types, been on 5 different medications, been hospitalized for a week this August because he was 'in status' and his Doctors have only done minimal testing because they think he has 'bad brain'. If we are lucky, he will be 8 in December. I can tell you for a FACT that 3 million is a low number. The stigma and the restrictions placed on people with Epilepsy puts it in the shadows. It's the oldest documented condition in any society. As old as man himself. It effects people of all races, and genders equally. And yet, little is done to find a cause and cure. I know not everyone can have an answer but at least try to understand the question!

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