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Camp Spike & Wave – Day 2

Ah, the fun has begun!

We started out our day in a great way – climbing the rock wall.  The kids are quite the squirrels – many made it all the way to the top to ding the bell – 32 feet up!  Cycling was on the schedule as well today.  No, we didn’t just ride regular old two-wheel bikes.  We got to try out adaptive bikes – so cool!  Crafts, you bet!  We made bottle cap necklaces, I-Spy bottles, and tie-dyed t-shirts.  The Lynch family came up to volunteer for the day.  We played a great game of Sardines with them and had fun with them at the pool.  Their fundraiser, Laps for Lyndsay, helped with camp tuition this year.  Thanks, Lynches!  We ended the day at the Kamas Rec Center pool.  Do we have to get out???

Biking – the good life!

Tie-dying – not as messy as you’d think!

What a great way to cool off!
Waiting our turns and planning out our routes to the top!

Blindfolded?  Piece of cake!

Easy does it!

The Lynch Family
The gang’s all here!

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